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Munich Loves You

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Our trip to Munich was a truly breathtaking experience, as the road leading from Bolzano through Austria offered us picturesque views of stunning landscapes and rivers adorned with a mesmerizing color palette. However, upon reaching the city, we faced a temporary setback due to a traffic collapse caused by ongoing construction in the downtown (old town) area. This resulted in some delays in finding a parking spot, but we persevered and eventually secured a convenient spot at Parking Sparkasse on Maderbräustraße, which was conveniently close to our apartment.

As we ventured out for a walk, we marveled at the beauty of the surroundings, being just two blocks away from the iconic MarienPlatz, where we caught a glimpse of the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in the New Town Hall and also de Old Town Hall. It was an ideal spot for a delightful dinner at Ratskeller am MarienPlatz, where we indulged in a delicious meal.

The following day, we set out to find breakfast and discovered Rischart, where the kids savored Himbeerschnitte and Nussschnecke pastries (a raspberry and a nut pastries), while I enjoyed a scrumptious Salami-Käsestange (a cheese-bread sandwich with salami). The gluten-free croissants at Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie caught our attention.

Our sightseeing continued as we visited various museums. While the Toy Museum in MarienPlatz was not as enjoyable as we had hoped, the Paleontology Museum, reached via suburban trains and some walking under the sweltering heat, proved to be a hit with the kids as they were fascinated by the prehistoric creatures and fossils on display.

We then ventured to the Glyptotheque in Konigsplatz, though the scorching weather made the visit quite challenging. Inside, we paid the entrance fee of 6 euros for each adult, while the kids enjoyed free entry. The ticket grants you access not only to the Glyptothek itself, but also to the Antikensammlungen (Antiquities Collection) museum. The heat of the day led us to a much-needed break at the museum coffee shop, though we couldn't help but notice the high prices for water.

Afterward, we decided to return to Marienplatz using underground trains (U-Bahn). While trying to make connections at Sendlinger Tor, we got lost momentarily but used the opportunity to cool off and play in the Fontäne am Sendlinger Tor where the kids had a wonderful refreshing time. Fortunately, a helpful lady bus driver guided us to the temporary U-train, which was substituting the U2 and U6 lines during ongoing renovations.

Back at MarienPlatz, we took our car to visit Munich Zoo, where we had a brief but enjoyable time observing various animals, with the Red Panda being a particular highlight for my little one. At Munich Zoo, visitors can encounter a wide variety of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The zoo is home to some of the most fascinating and iconic creatures from different continents, making it an educational and exciting experience for visitors of all ages.The kids were delighted to indulge in some delicious ice creams to cool off. Returning to our place, later that night, a thunderstorm rolled in during the night adding a touch of drama to our trip.

The next morning, we set out to explore Nymphenburg Palace, a regal and beautiful site. Although the gardens were unfortunately closed due to the previous night storm, we enjoyed the palace's opulence, which was arranged chronologically similar to Versailles and Windsor Apartments. Nymphenburg Palace, Versailles, and Windsor Castle State Apartments were all constructed or significantly remodeled in the 1660s or shortly thereafter, making them remarkable examples of Baroque and grand architecture from the era. The museum of carriages and porcelain was equally impressive, showcasing extravagant beauty.

Leaving the majestic Nymphenburg Palace behind, we ventured downtown towards Viktualienmarkt in Munich. Here, we stumbled upon a delightful treat - amazing natural juices that tantalized our taste buds. The market's lively ambiance and array of fresh produce added to the appeal, making it a perfect spot to indulge in these refreshing beverages.

After walking through Munich, our journey led us to having an amazing lunch at Tushita Teehaus on Klenzestraße. There we could enjoy delicious vegan food, such as rice bowls with veggies that we accompanied with refreshing natural juices.

Afterwards, we visited the Isar river, even under cloudy skies, where I couldn't resist taking a refreshing dip. The Isar river is clean and safe for swimming, thanks to the state of Bavaria which constructed 19 riverside purification stations along the Isar and its tributaries. We continued our day by indulging in delicious ice cream made from Dates and Cashews from IceDate.

Before bidding farewell to Munich, we stopped at Gärtnerplatz for a moment, cherishing the memories of our trip. We then retrieved our car and commenced a short highway trip to Nuremberg, where we encountered some rain along the way. Overall, our trip to Munich was filled with unforgettable experiences and cherished moments, leaving us with lasting memories of this beautiful city.

Here's a summary of the key points:

Transportation and Parking:

  • Due to ongoing construction work, it's advised to avoid using cars and opt for public transport, especially the underground (U-Bahn) system.

  • Munich's public transport network includes U-Bahn, S-Bahn (suburban trains), trams, and buses, which are efficient and well-connected.

  • There are various ticket options available for public transport, allowing you to choose the one that suits your travel needs.

  • If you prefer to drive, there are underground public parking options available, though they might not be very cheap. It's recommended to compare prices to find better deals.

Recommended Places to Visit:

  1. MarienPlatz: A well-known and large square featuring the Old and New Town Halls with beautiful architecture.

  2. Paleontological Museum: Offers free admission and is easily accessible via public transport, with Königsplatz in U2 being the closest station.

  3. Munich Zoo: A family-friendly zoo with options to reach it using public transport. The cost for a large family is 39 €.

  4. Fontäne am Sendlinger Tor: A water fountain located at the exit of Sendlinger Tor Station, providing a refreshing spot to visit.

  5. Nymphenburg Palace: A stunning palace surrounded by extensive gardens and with an intriguing history.

  6. Museum of Man and Nature: Located close to Nymphenburg Palace, with an entry fee of 3,50 € for adults and free admission for children under 18.

Places Recommended with Some Caution for Families with Children:

  1. Munich Toy Museum: Located at MarienPlatz, the family ticket costs 12 €. While it showcases historical toys, some children might not find it as enjoyable.

  2. Glyptothek - Antike Museums at KönigsPlatz: You can visit both museums with a single ticket costing 6 € per adult. The museums contain marble sculptures, which may be more appealing to adults.

Healthy Food:

  1. Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie: A delightful gluten-free pastry shop with a wide variety of delicious treats.

  2. Viktualienmarkt: A vibrant food market with fresh, organic, and locally-sourced produce.

  3. Tushita Teehaus: Charming teahouse offering wholesome and healthy dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.

  4. IceDate: A refreshing spot for guilt-free, all-natural, and vegan ice creams.

These recommendations offer a diverse range of activities suitable for families visiting Munich, along with useful tips for getting around the city. Enjoy your time exploring all that Munich has to offer!

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