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Europe Starts at Figueres

Our European road trip kicked off with an unforgettable visit to Figueres in Catalunya, marking the beginning of our more than 70-day adventure by car. Starting at Barcelona Airport, where we picked up our rented car, we set off on an epic journey that would take us through Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium, with more exciting destinations yet to come. After approximately two hours of driving, we arrived in Figueres, eager to explore the renowned Dali Museum.

Upon our arrival in Figueres, we were pleased to discover that parking on Sundays is free of charge, allowing us to conveniently leave our car and embark on our museum visit. To make the most of our visit, we had reserved our tickets online, a practice I highly recommend. The Dali Museum tends to draw large crowds, and pre-booking our tickets helped us skip the lines and save time.

Inside the Dali Museum, we were captivated by the extraordinary collection of works by Salvador Dalí. The museum showcased his masterpieces, including surrealist paintings, sculptures, and installations. It was a truly immersive experience, where we delved into Dalí's imaginative and thought-provoking world. For our children, this was a valuable educational opportunity, as they learned more about the life and art of this renowned artist.

After immersing ourselves in Dalí's world, we took a break and enjoyed a quick lunch at a charming terrace restaurant close to the museum. The relaxed atmosphere and delicious local cuisine allowed us to savor the flavors of the region while appreciating the vibrant energy of Figueres. With our appetites satisfied, we continued our journey to Cadaqués, filled with excitement and anticipation for the adventures that lay ahead.

Our short visit to Figueres was a perfect starting point for our European road trip. The Dali Museum provided a profound cultural experience, giving us insight into Dalí's imaginative world and inspiring our artistic sensibilities. It was a memorable opportunity for our kids to learn about the renowned artist, fostering their creativity and expanding their knowledge. As we bid farewell to Figueres, we carried with us the lasting impression of this remarkable town and embarked on the next leg of our journey, ready to create more unforgettable memories in Cadaqués and beyond.

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